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Why Our Energy Matters

My name is Dominic Houston. I know that Our Energy Matters because I have seen how working with my own energy has changed my life. I have become healthier, stronger, happier, more successful and more at ease with myself. As a result I have better relationships with my family, friends, and colleagues and I am able to live more fully than ever before. This is because when we start to work with our energy, we develop our awareness and understanding of ourselves – this in turn shifts our relationships with the people around us and with the rest of life. It is only through developing greater awareness of ourselves that we empower ourselves to chose something new in our lives. Awareness creates choice which in turn creates the possibility of evolution. Reassessing our values and how we relate to ourselves and one another is particularly important at this time. I help people to create that shift for themselves through the Healing and Teaching work that I do.

I work with a number of voluntary organisations which offer healing to members of the public, in particular The London College of Spirituality where I lead the team of healers. Their monthly healing events regularly attract between 75 and 100 people.

I practice Teaching through my workshops on Energy and Spiritual Fitness, and training courses in Usui Reiki and Shamballa. I also write extensively on the subjects of Energy, Healing and Spiritual Development. My first book “Our Energy Matters – Unlocking the Secrets of Your Energy System” will be published in late 2013. Please sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch with information and exclusive offers on this publication. The newsletter will also inform you of the Teaching events that I have planned in the near future.

I started to work with “energy” in August 2007 when I attended my first Reiki course. It was like discovering I was really good at maths or music – it just clicked and happened very easily for me. Since that time I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to learning and exploring Reiki, Healing and Energy. The whole experience has been and continues to be hugely rewarding. Teaching and Healing are now very important parts of my life. In particular I am very committed to communicating the simple Truths that underlie all spiritual practices, so that people can understand themselves more fully. It is only through your understanding and awareness of yourself that you can create change in your life.

I practice as a “Master Teacher” in several forms of Reiki. To reach this level, I have taken Attunements from the Teachers I have worked with and then completed extensive training and personal development. As a result I have realised in my life a deep understanding of how to work with Energy and the effect this has on our Energy Systems. Having this range of experience is very important in Teaching and Healing work, because of the responsibility involved in these roles. Outside of my activities in Reiki and Spiritual Development, I have 20 years experience in the business world specialising in law and digital media. This background has enabled me to bring a very clear minded approach to decoding the mysteries of working with Spirituality, Energy and Healing. There are many sources of knowledge and fewer of real wisdom, but they are often protected by jargon, abstract concepts, and difficult metaphors. Part of my work is to translate these into clear language and concepts so that this information can be made available to everyone.


Here are some examples of the feedback I have received from people who have worked with me in the past:

Barbara – “A thoroughly enjoyable day, there is so much to learn about this subject and I feel that we made great inroads yesterday, Dominic is so good at presenting the information and made the whole day interesting and fun…the energy was incredible.” 

David – “A superb day of spiritual enlightenment” 

Pam – “A truly wonderful evening. Dominic was very informative and knowledgeable on the Energy systems of the body. Absolutely fascinating to see on the Aura machine live, someone receiving healing… you could actually see the energy moving! Thank you Dominic :))”

Param – “I have never felt so relaxed in my life.”

Mauro – “Very detailed lecture about Chakra and Energy System. I was pleased to attend.” 

Jenny – “I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – very informative and loved seeing peoples auras change especially after the healing.”

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