3 Energies

19th March 2012

Exploring our energy system can become confusing and overly complex as we discover more and more about how it is structured and how it works. For instance, we start to work with a 13 chakra system instead of a 7 chakra system, or we become fascinated by the layers of the aura.

My simple take on working with energy is that we should stay focused on some basics: one of these is the breath; another is being mindful of the primary 3 energies that most affect our energy system.

“Heaven” : Through meditation we build our connection “up” to an energy that is “faster” and “lighter” than the frequency of the energies that we normally experience. These faster energies promote calm and relaxation, and also encourage the body to let go of “stuck” energy. Some forms of Tai Chi refer, metaphorically, to this connection up as “Heaven”.

“Earth”: Through exorcise, spending time in nature, or consciously connecting to the natural world, we build our connection to an energy that is highly resonant with the energy of the physical body. This has a nurturing effect on our well-being. Some forms of Tai Chi refer, metaphorically, to this connection down as “Earth”.

“Life force”: Our individual life force (also referred to as Chi, Prana or Kundalini – the terminology is numerous and confusing!) sits in the Sacral Chakra, which is located about 1.5″ below the navel. This is the centre of our creative life force, which express themselves through our sexual energy, through our emotions, and through our creativity. Our lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, has a significant impact on our “life force”.

The more we work with energy and become conscious of it, the more mindful we can become of these 3 energies that have such a powerful affect on our state of consciousness and our well-being.


If you are working with energy, consider how conscious you are of each of these aspects of your energy system. Are you working with one of these more than the others? Then consider how you feel energetically over the course of a week and see how  your system is affected by where you are, what you are doing, who you are with. Pay particular attention to your “life force” and whether you feel particularly drained or energised at different times of the week.


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