A Funeral

7th January 2012

In the middle of December one of my closest friend’s called to tell me that his father was seriously ill in hospital. His condition deteriorated and he passed not long after being admitted. Yesterday I was glad to be able to attend the funeral and remembrance. The event and what it signifies is sad and full of pathos, but that is not what I took away from the day.┬áDespite our close relationship I knew very little about my friend’s father and how profoundly his father had influenced him. Listening to the speeches, I┬álearnt more about who my friend is, where he came from, and how his own children fit into a greater whole. This was a gift and I appreciated being able to see and hear all that was said.

It was apparent from the testimony of his friends and family that he was a man who lived life fully and who made a lasting and positive impression on his family, friends, colleagues and community. The pain of parting from him was testament to the great love that these people felt for him and it was a privilege to witness that.




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