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5th January 2013

Hubble Space TelescopeAs we work with our energy over time, that energy acts as a catalyst for change in our lives and in our understanding of ourselves. Part of this process is to mirror aspects of who we are through our experiences, friendships, relationships and the challenges that we face.  It brings to the surface aspects of our consciousness that we may not like or which we do not want to face. The more we work with our energy, the deeper this process goes. At some point during this process we may face difficult questions. As already mentioned, these questions often start with the parts of ourselves (our “shadow”) that we are not comfortable with. However, these questions are just as likely to be existential in nature by challenging our understanding of what our reality is.

Take psychic perception. Putting genuine mental illness to one side (which can create visual and auditory hallucinations), when people sensitive to energy start to pick up sensory information from people and places, that changes their understanding of reality. First of all, they realize that they are in a minority and that it might not be acceptable to talk about these experiences. Secondly, they see that the “material” world is a lot more complicated than it appears. Our day to day reality is that we inhabit a physical world that we experience through the human body and its physical senses: touch; sight; hearing; taste; smell. And the physical world is often so intoxicating in its visual appearance, whether man-made or natural, that we are not aware of anything else. Sensitives perceive other aspects of reality that are very different from the physical word because (1) many other people do not perceive them; and (2) what they perceive is not physical in nature.

What sort of perceptions are we talking about here? Well, on the clairsentient level (where we perceive energy as a sensation) it is feeling energy in a place or other person as a vibration. This vibration is felt in your own hand or body as you perceive the person or object. Closely related to this is feeling the emotional energy of other people and places, which can be confusing if you mistake them for your own!  The next level – and possibly the most confusing – is picking up mental information about people and places. This is confusing because it takes time and experience to learn how to differentiate between what is coming from within your own subconscious and what is coming from outside of you. Clairaudience is hearing energy as a sound. Sometimes this is a ringing noise or even music; sometimes it also manifests as a voice (that is not coming from another person physically present). Then there is clairvoyance where we see energy. This can be the energy field around another person or living thing (trees and plants in particular). The most challenging aspect of clairvoyance is seeing people, entities and abstract energies that are not present in a physical state (ie tangible in the sense that our physical world is tangible).

So what does this all tell us about who we are and the world we live in? Well, if you accept and trust your experiences, it certainly challenges your understanding that we live in a simple “one dimensional” world.  What sense we then chose to make of these experiences is another matter. This is where discernment is vital. Why? because this area is full of pitfalls and so needs to be approached with respect and a cool head. Yes, there are wonderful experiences to be had and there are opportunities to help others and to learn. There are also plenty of opportunities to become a victim and to give away your power. Consider the following: (1) there are many other aspects to our world and our “reality” that we are not fully aware of; (2) these worlds are inhabited by beings and entities that we do not understand; and (3) these worlds work in ways that, currently, we struggle to understand. If any or all of these propositions ring true with you, then keep an open mind and proceed cautiously as you continue exploring. Why? Because human-beings have an innate need to give their power away to others. Sometimes we give our power away to other human-beings, especially those closest to us; sometimes we give it away to spirits, “angels” or other entities; sometimes it is to an idea of who or what “God” is; or sometimes it is to something moe mundane like a job, a celebrity, pop-star or politician. Part of spiritual development means taking ownership and responsibility for all aspects of who you are, and that means taking a long hard look at who or what you are giving your power away to, both in this world and in others.

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