Energy moves as a spiral…

18th January 2013

musical notesIf you are familiar with energy in any way, then you will probably have noticed or read about how energy moves in a spiral. If you are sensitive to the feeling of energy moving through your body, then you may have experienced it moving down through your body (from the head down to the feet). In this case we are bringing energy down into the body through the Crown of the head. As it does so it moves in a spiral fashion, counter-clockwise. Conversely, if you have worked with Kundalini energy then you may have experienced the opposite. Here the body’s natural life-force, the Kundalini, is stored in the Sacral Centre near the base of the spine. When “awakened” (through exercises, yoga, or meditation) this energy spirals up through the body in a clockwise fashion. The spiraling, twisting movement of energy through the body is one of the reasons why these energies have been characterized as snake-like or depicted as serpents.

As the energy moves through your body is stimulates the major energy centres along the spine, which are commonly referred to as Chakras. Each of these energy centres has an important role to play in your experience, awareness and perception of this reality. For example, the Base Chakra between your legs (which connects us down into the energy of the Earth) is associated with the survival instinct, our ability to operate freely in this world (ie do we feel safe here or not?), and the densest aspects of the physical body (the skeleton). The Solar Plexus chakra is concerned with our thinking, our ideas about who we are and how the “world works” and our mental processing of experience. The Heart Chakra is concerned with our empathic and loving relationship with ourselves, the people in our lives and all of life. And so on… (to find out more about the Chakras, read this article). So if we are aware of and understand the principle of energy moving through us in a spiraling motion, then what?  Well, this is our jumping off point into something very interesting………..

Our psychic perception and intuition can teach us that “reality” is a lot more “plastic “and diverse than we might think. (And it is thought that gets in the way of experiencing this, because our minds have a strong effect on our perception). By plastic I mean that what appears to be a “solid to the touch” world is in fact much more malleable and permeable than we might expect. Getting back to the movement of energy through us as a spiral, my question to you is this: where does the energy that comes into your Crown and your Base Chakra originate? The best way to consider this is to imagine a piano keyboard in front of you. Each Octave of notes on the keyboard contains 7 major notes and 5 minor notes, making 12 tones in total.

piano keyboard

And above and below each Octave is another set of 12 notes, extending up and down the range of the keyboard. This metaphor  indicates how our energy system works – our physical body is the focal point of our experience and our energy here, and it consists of an energy system with a number of significant centres (or tones) of energy. When we connect up through meditation or Reiki we are reaching out to the next “Octave” of awareness and energy that is above us. Similarly when we ground down into the earth energy, we are connecting to the next “Octave” of energy of awareness and energy that is below us. These “Octaves” of energy extend in both directions away from “where we are” (or, more accurately, where the frequency or vibration of our energy is currently focused). Where this “model” of understanding takes us is the subject of the next post……..

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