Help – I’m too sensitive to energy!

15th November 2011

Do you know anyone who has a food intolerance? who has to avoid dairy or wheat? These are every day problems which newspapers and magazines have written about over the last ten to fifteen years. But what about energy? Is it possible to be over sensitive to energy?  Well, yes it is possible and there is something you can do about it.

First of all, how do you know if you are too sensitive to energy? Well, all of us are sensitive to energy – we all withdraw ourselves into a cocoon in public spaces to insulate ourselves from everyone else. It is overwhelming to acknowledge the presence of everyone on the bus in the same way that we acknowledge people coming into our home, where we are more open and relaxed. Similarly, we all feel a little different when we go to visit someone in hospital, the energy is very different from that of other places.  And we all know people who are fun to be around – they give us energy – and those who are draining: they take energy from the people around them. Some of us, however, feel all these places and situations much more deeply than others. Why is this?

To understand why some of us are more sensitive than others, we need to look at how our energy system is interacting with the environments we live and work in. Our energy system exists on a number of levels: we have a physical body, we also have a subtle energy body in and around that physical body. This subtle energy body is usually referred to as the aura. Within the aura there are various layers, each of which corresponds to a different aspect of our consciousness: our emotional experience; our mental processes; and our spiritual self. This is a summary – for more information see this article.

Within the aura there are 000s of chakras and a smaller number of major chakras, each of which correspond to a particular color.  The function of the chakras is to transmit energy in and out of the physical body and this process is taking place all the time, wherever we are and whatever we are doing.  For more information on the chakras, see this article.

If the chakras are transmitting energy in and out of the physical body, what is contained within that energy and what happens when it reaches the physical body? As we breath in and out, we draw air in and out of our lungs. This air contains the various gases that make up the atmosphere we breath: oxygen; nitrogen; carbon-dioxide. If we are in a city street then we are probably breathing in carbon monoxide from car fumes. We will also be inhaling small particles of dirt from car exhausts and industrial premises. (Just ask a bicyclist to show you their mask filter after a day cycling in a big city!). A similar process is happening with our energy field – we are drawing into ourselves the natural energy that supports and nourishes our body, but we are also drawing in any energetic “pollution” contained in the environment. So if we are in a busy public space, our aura is constantly intermingling with those of other people and in so doing we are constantly picking up other people’s energy. If we are in a hospital then we are picking up the energy of the sick people. If we are with someone who needs a lot of attention, who really needs to be heard, then they are taking energy from us and “dumping” their stuff onto us.

Some peoples’ energy systems are much more open and well-developed than those of the average person. It is similar to the idea that some peoples’ bodies are better designed for weight-lifting than others. Whilst we can all strengthen our bodies’ muscles, we cannot all lift the weight that others can. Therefore if your energy system is more open and well-developed, you are more likely to pick up and experience the energy of the places you go to and the people you meet. This energy can be both “positive” and “negative” – the lower vibrational energy is pain, sadness, anger, hatred, and despair. These energies are very common in cities and if we take them into our systems, then the impact can be draining and in extreme cases run down the physical body. This is because when we take this emotional energy into our system, our physical body has to process it and this uses up the body’s own resources. When we go through own heartaches and emotional traumas, it is a physically tiring experience. The same thing is happening when we process the “stuff” that we have picked up from other people and places.

So what can we do about this?

The first step is to understand what is happening and to recognize it when it is happening. A good place to start is if you have a friend who is an energy vampire: ie the sort of person who is draining to be around because they (energetically) suck the life out of you.  These situations are easy to spot and are a good training ground. The extreme reaction is of course to cut the person out of our life, but that is a draconian approach. I have experimented with shifting my relationship from one of active listening – when we really empathize with someone – to a passive listening. Here we are not giving our energy to the other person; they can speak and be heard but we are not engaging in the same way. See how that shift changes the dynamic between two people.

Taking it to a deeper level, we need to understand the structure of our energy system and to start to recognize our experience of it. For example, looking at what the major chakras represent in terms of consciousness (base/root chakra equating to survival; sacral chakra to sexuality and creativity; etc) and seeing where our energy is flowing freely and where it is not. Understanding and recognizing our own energy enables us to differentiate between what is our energy, and what we are taking on from people and places.

Most importantly, we must be conscious of what we chose to take on from other people and the places we visit, and what we chose not to take on. When I am walking in a forest or dragging myself up a mountain, I do not think about closing my energy system to the world around me. The energy of the natural world has a very powerful and nurturing effect on the human energy system – this is because they are in harmony with one another. When I am in a busy city or working with someone energetically, I make very conscious choices about what energy I will experience. Sometimes it is useful to recognize a quality in a place or person because it deepens our understanding of them; sometimes it is not appropriate. It is about making informed and conscious choices.

At the end of this post, there is a description of how to “close down” (or desensitize) your energy system consciously. 

Finally, I have learnt that experiencing the emotions of people and places is for some people a way of feeling alive. Although we all prefer to be joyful, there can be no joy without pain and our capacity to experience joy is proportionate to our ability to feel pain – it is our capacity to feel and experience life, whatever life is at any particular moment.  We can see this in our response to art and music – here the stimulus of a visual form or a piece of music connects with something intangible in us (our “heart”, our “soul”) and we can have a powerful emotional experience. Here we have chosen the music or have chosen to put ourselves in a particular gallery or exhibition, and we have an experience. It is this conscious act of choosing that is so important when it comes to managing our sensitivity to energy.

Good luck! and let me know if you have any questions.

Desensitizing Your Energy Field

There are many ways to do this, here are some simple approaches:

– If you feel that a person or place is starting to affect your energy, put your hand over your solar plexus. This is where most of the “stuff” flows into our system so this simple act is a good step to take. Of course, you can also just leave but that is not always possible!

– Visualize the 7 major chakras in your body, running from the Crown Chakra down to the Base Chakra. Starting with the 3rd eye chakra, intend and visualize that this spinning vortex of light slows and “shifts into neutral”. (It is not possible to completely close a chakra, however what we are doing is lowering their vibration or spin rate – this reduces the amount of energy that they are drawing in from the environment). Acknowledge that the 3rd eye chakra has done this. Repeat the process for the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras. Then visualize light spreading down your legs from the base chakra through the feet and down into the ground. Finally, imagine and intend that there is a bubble of golden white light all around you, one foot above your head and one foot beneath your feet, and this is reflecting all the “garbage” away from you.



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