Is it just me?

24th April 2013

litterIs it just me or is litter really, really annoying? I spend half of my life in the Cotswolds and half of my time in London. As the weather has improved, I have got into the habit of going for a walk every morning. It is good exercise, it clears my mind, and gets some fresh air into my lungs. In the Cotswolds, we live in a tiny hamlet with a busy riding school at the end of the lane. The lane leads down to a main road, about a 1/4 of a mile away. Last week I took a bin bag and walked up and down the lane collecting rubbish, some of which had been there for a really long time. Almost all of it was convenience food packaging: plastic and glass bottles; crisp packets and sweet wrappers. I filled two bags by the time I was finished. A day later I saw a cigarette packet on the side of the lane – clearly just discarded from a car as it drove down the lane. And then in London, my local park – in a nice area – is covered (almost literally) with litter. I walked around this morning and was gob-smacked by the amount of rubbish thrown everywhere. The park is littered, pun intended, with bins but that makes no difference.

I do not know why some people have no care or consideration for the environment in which they live. Sometimes it saddens me, sometimes it makes me angry, mostly I just accept that this is how it is right now, but this state of affairs will not last forever. Nothing does (apart from plastic packaging).

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