Letting Go

25th April 2013

letting go (banksy)Today I woke up with sore feet. Why? Well, last night I danced for several hours at a 5 Rhythms class. I previously wrote about 5 Rhythms and how this was one way of getting out of my comfort zone this year. Sometimes the 5 Rhythms teacher gets the participants to explore different ideas or feelings through movement. Sounds a bit tricky when you read it in black and white, but it is in fact as difficult or as easy as you want to make it.

Anyway, last night we were asked to pick a partner – the person right next to you, so always pot luck! – and then practice letting go. One person stood still and was tasked with “letting go” of the other, whose job was to experience being let go and to dance as close or as far away as they felt like. This was a really interesting experience because when I was “let go”, I kept using the other person as a point of reference as I moved around the room. I kept checking on them – where were they? what were they doing? were they following my movements or off in their own space? And isn’t that just what we do when we end a relationship, a friendship, a place, or a part of our lives? We tend to look back to see how things are back where we were. Is that person ok? Are we ok, out here on our own? Are they coping without us? Are we able to experience and define ourselves alone, without that other person? Or can we create a new place to work or live, when we have moved on and left the old behind?

These are really interesting questions and as we go through our own changes in our own lives, we all experience the answers to them. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is very painful or difficult to let go and move on. When we look at the cycle of the seasons in nature, we see that they are extremely confused….. I did not mean to write that, but they are pretty confused at the moment! At least in the UK. Anyway, back to my point. In the traditional sense of the cycle of the four seasons, each gives way to the other in a natural process. It is a gradual process of allowing time to pass, for the old to die and decay, and for the new to come into existence and take shape. This is how life is for us – it takes time for the old to drop away and for the new to take its place. We can change things more dramatically on the outside, but the process takes longer in our inner world.

If you want to know more about 5 Rhythms, check this Wikipedia article out. If you can get to Paddington/Edgware Road in London then here is the class that I go to.

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