Love & Life

29th September 2013


It is possible to understand life as an expression of love in its myriad forms. From the ugly to the beautiful, it is all an expression of the spirit of life that runs through everything. Life expresses itself in so many ways, some pleasurable and some difficult to stomach or accept. It is in the expression of life that love comes alive for us and we experience ourselves in all our diversity. Do these words sound trite to you? Then consider the relationship between love and life from any perspective. Whether philosophically or from a heart centred approach, you will find that there is a deep connection between them. One way of understanding love is to see it as the recognition of ourselves in life and the many forms it takes to express itself. It is the sense of connection, not just to a person or experience, that creates the experience of love, even when the that person or experience is past. As I say, life expresses itself in so many forms but its underlying essence is eternal. For me, this is the power of love, not in the sense of a cliched ballad or romance novel, but in connecting with, recognizing and embracing the essence of who we are. Some have called this spirit, others soul, or the life-force that runs through everything. The names are many and they all fall short of what they try to express. You know what love is, either through your direct experience of it or through your experience of its lack, and you will never forget. That is what connects us all as human-beings and what connects us to the rest of life, in all its forms, everywhere. When life chooses to express itself in a different way, then – eventually – we let go of the old form and embrace the new. This is the excitement of being alive, and our spirit responds to that. Our personality, limited in time and space, finds this painful. But the essence that we all carry within us and which we express here never changes, and that is the power of love. Whatever happens, we are always that – our love is eternal, as is life, but the forms that they take can and do evolve. So no matter what happens, remember that you always return back to that and that resisting this return is just a matter of choice.

What a day……

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