The Dark Side

23rd April 2013

jung shadowI saw this event posted on meetup recently and it reminded me of a lot of the work i have done myself over the last few years. “Love and Light” is a popular catch-phrase in the healing world, but we do not often stop to consider what it actually means. When something is in the “light” it can be said that it is within our awareness – we have full knowledge of it and accept it. For me, this knowledge and acceptance is a key aspect of love. I do not mean this in an intellectual sense, but rather in the sense that we relate to and know people or situations through our heart. If we love someone despite of the parts of who they are that we do not like or which have hurt us, then that is significant. This is not the same as allowing someone to hurt us or take advantage of us in some way, rather accepting that another person is not all “good”. Similarly, there are parts of ourselves that are not “good” or which we have buried and pushed away into the darkness of our psyche. It takes considerable effort to do this and so we give away some of our power and energy to these hidden parts of our psyche. When we do personal development or shadow work, then we start to bring these hidden parts into our awareness, into the light. And by fully integrating and accepting them, they become part of our love and part of our light.

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