Truth – it’s pretty important!

29th October 2013

Star Cluster Bursts into Life in New Hubble ImageA long time ago, when I was much younger, I found something. This object is not valuable, but what it represents is precious. I still have this object and I will tell you the story of what it is and how I found it. I share this story with you because it will give you an idea of what I value in life.

I grew up in Wimbledon and in the late 1980s was very into the music scene. Through this love of music I became friendly with some people who squatted in an old magistrate’s court in the heart of Wimbledon, opposite the local police station. They threw excellent parties! I remember visiting them one evening and wandering through the building, exploring the rooms. One of the squatters was an artist and he was creating a huge canvas in one of the courtrooms. As I stood in the witness box, watching him work, I glanced down and noticed a small framed plaque, on which were printed these words – “I swear by Almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth”. I was very taken with this and have kept the plaque ever since, always displaying it somewhere in my home.

Why did I become attached to this simple object? Now I can see that I instinctively connected with the seriousness of this statement – the importance of the Truth. This is because the importance of Truth is hard-wired into me. As a result I am very concerned with the fundamental nature of things, both in myself and in the world around me. Sometimes this is about understanding how a practical aspect of life works, but more often it is about seeing the Truth of myself and of other people. Have I always been truthful with myself or others? No, and so part of my work here has been to see myself clearly and to accept what I have found, warts and all. Another part of my work here has been to understand human beings and life here. Why is this important to me? It is because the deeper and more truly we know ourselves, the greater our capacity to see the Truth in the world and our place in it. Awareness is at the heart of this and through greater awareness comes our deeper personal Truth. We experience this as a greater coherence in everything we are: our thoughts, feelings, actions, and our experience love. When we live our Truth then our note sounds loud and clear, for all to hear, and this sound moves through the rest of life. The simplest advice I can give anyone is to feel where your Truth lies and to move towards it, inch by inch, step by step. We do this by paying attention to ourselves. As we do that we start to hear something calling to us quietly. Instinctively we recognise the power of this sound and, despite its gentleness, are drawn towards it step by step. This is because we sense its Truth.

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