What happens next….?

7th January 2012

I often see the energy field around people – sometimes this happens in every day situations, such as a business meeting or relaxing at home; sometimes it happens in more spiritual environments. Yesterday, as I attended a funeral service, the energy fields of many people were clearly visible – they appeared as large outlines of white light behind each person, and were particularly pronounced around the head and shoulders. It is as if another person is standing behind them.

Despite all the spiritual work I have done and the experiences I have had, what happens when we leave the body (or to put it more conventionally, “when we die”) is for each of us a mystery. I know in the deepest part of my being that I am not my body and that when the time comes for me to leave my body, then my consciousness will move on to continue its journey and its work elsewhere. But that does not detract from the fact that that moment is still a mystery to me.┬áPart of me is impelled to struggle against that and to try to understand, define and know what will happen; however a greater part of me knows that the important thing is to accept the mystery and to allow life to unfold through me.


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