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17th April 2013

booksIt seems like everyone I know is writing a book – my partner is writing a book (celebrity fiction), I am writing a blog and a book (spiritual / energy stuff – v worthy!), my father is dusting off his research notes to start work on a book (smutty history), and just this morning I bumped into my neighbour who is writing a book on social trends. A few of us have taken some big risks to pursue writing – one has given up his job – but all of us will go through the experience of putting stuff out there and having it accepted or rejected. Probably rejected mostly 😉 but that is part of the experience. After all, there are 7 billion people in the world and you can’t expect all of them to like it!

Of course, we all write or express ourselves creatively for the pleasure of it – the pleasure of creating something and seeing it, the finished article, at the end of the process. Personally, I think I prefer cooking to writing as it is more sensory and there is an instant gratification to the whole thing. But I can’t blog my food! Anyway, doing something for the pleasure of it – following our bliss – is very important but it is equally important to be able to share it. Sitting in a log cabin in the middle of no-where with a collection of writing is not the same as sharing it, even with just a few people who understand or connect to it. Maybe someone will discover that log cabin in a few thousand years and find the collection of writing, but we will not be around to witness that 🙂 so we plough on and chuck it out there to see what happens.

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