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Being Spiritual

January 31st, 2013
crown chakra

There is a new term doing the rounds of management speak – back in the day, we had regular intelligence, which we all know as reason and rational thought. Then along came emotional intelligence in the 1980s which measured our ability to understand and relate to others emotionally. Now the new kid on the block is spiritual intelligence, or “SQ” for the purpose of management training programs. What’s it all about? On Tuesday 29th January 2013 I attended a lecture for the Alumni of Henley


Energy moves as a spiral…

January 18th, 2013
musical notes

If you are familiar with energy in any way, then you will probably have noticed or read about how energy moves in a spiral. If you are sensitive to the feeling of energy moving through your body, then you may have experienced it moving down through your body (from the head down to the feet). In this case we are bringing energy down into the body through the Crown of the head. As it does so it moves in a spiral fashion, counter-clockwise. Conversely, if



January 7th, 2013
planet-earth light dark

During the course of our childhood, then our passage into adolescence and adulthood, we learn about how things work here. We learn what foods we like, how to communicate with people and how to behave in order to fit in and get along. We also develop an understanding of what makes us tick and what sort of people we like to be around. With practice and some guidance, we can develop a strong sense of discernment about life, about people and about the environments we


Energy, Identity & Spiritual Practice

January 5th, 2013
Hubble Space Telescope

As we work with our energy over time, that energy acts as a catalyst for change in our lives and in our understanding of ourselves. Part of this process is to mirror aspects of who we are through our experiences, friendships, relationships and the challenges that we face.  It brings to the surface aspects of our consciousness that we may not like or which we do not want to face. The more we work with our energy, the deeper this process goes. At some point



August 22nd, 2012

I have been writing a blog on and off for two years. I only write a new blog post when I want to share something or feel that it is worth putting something out there. It is very different from my journal, which is a collection of all the flotsam and jetsam that catches my attention. This is a much more personal practice – my journals go back five years and cover my experiences during Reiki attunements, meditations, and other forms of spiritual practice. I

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