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Your Energy System

September 2nd, 2011
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Most people think of their energy as a purely physical issue – does their body have plenty of energy or are they tired? The messages we receive from advertising focus on our bodies and how to get a quick “pick me up” – Red Bull gives you wings; espresso gives you a kick-start in the morning; a chocolate bar or sports energy drink gives you an energy boost, and so on. Your energy system is more complex than this – it operates on a physical,


The Aura Machine

August 29th, 2011

Everytime I show the machine to someone, it grabs their attention and really gets them engaged. So, if you have never seen an Aura Machine in action, get in touch and arrange to have your Aura analyzed! How does the machine work? The equipment consists of a hand sensor that plugs into a PC via a USB cable, and some computer software. The hand sensor picks up electrical signals in the five fingers of your left hand, together with some basic temperature readings. The machine

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