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The Power of the Mind

Using our Mind to Work with Energy

February 1st, 2013
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Speaking to a friend, I realized that there was an opportunity to describe another approach to working with energy. When we have learnt a healing modality, such as Reiki, the traditional approach is to place our hands on different parts of our body. Our hands channel energy to where they are placed. The action of breathing draws energy into our body through the Crown of the head and the Base Chakra (or energy centre). The energy is moved through the body and down the arms,


Energy, Identity & Spiritual Practice

January 5th, 2013
Hubble Space Telescope

As we work with our energy over time, that energy acts as a catalyst for change in our lives and in our understanding of ourselves. Part of this process is to mirror aspects of who we are through our experiences, friendships, relationships and the challenges that we face.  It brings to the surface aspects of our consciousness that we may not like or which we do not want to face. The more we work with our energy, the deeper this process goes. At some point


The Mind & Our Energy System

September 12th, 2012
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So what are we talking about when we refer to the Mind and its role in the human energy system? Well, first of all I should clarify that we are not looking from the perspective of psychology or neuro-science, but rather from the perspective of working with our energy and personal development. By mind I mean the aspect of our awareness and experience of life (ie our consciousness) that creates structure and form. It does this in various ways, although language and imagery are very


Stuck in our Heads

September 12th, 2012

So what is the big issue with the linear mind, if any? Well, it depends on what is important to you and what you are focusing on. Lets start by looking at some simple day to day situations. For example, if you are working and are using a computer to prepare a report or presentation, linear thinking is great because it is just what you need to order information and create something that is fit for purpose. Conversely, if your partner is really upset about


Thoughts Create your Feelings

September 12th, 2012
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There is a significant link between your mind and your emotional state. Emotions are created in the body by the action of neuro-transmitters in response to external stimuli (man with a gun; surprise visit from a loved one etc) or internal stimuli (thoughts; food; exercise). So our emotional state often tracks where our thoughts are going – if we are going through a relationship breakdown then we will probably dwell on that and so feel sad and blue. Conversely, thinking about someone we love makes

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