Integrating Energy into your Body

28th August 2011

S1520032This is about our bodies grounding the subtle energies that are brought into the body through the aura and chakras.  This is a fledgling area of science so I can only share what I have learnt from my own experience. Recommended Reading gives details of where to look to find out more about this process.

Although some of this is technical, the key message is that your ability to absorb and hold subtle energy is very heavily influenced by how you live and how you treat your body.

At a cellular level, the body’s capacity to absorb and hold the energy will be determined by the health of the cells. This is primarily linked to the level of hydration in the body and the right type of fatty acids in your diet. When the body is properly hydrated, energy in the form of charged particles can be absorbed at a cellular level by passing through the cellular membrane; this does not occur when the body is dehydrated or stressed. In a dehydrated state the body produces cholestrol which protects the cell from losing any more water, but also blocks the passage into the cells of charged particles (which carry the energy) through the cell membrane.

In summary, the following are key to supporting the body in grounding and absorbing energy:

  • Hydration: note the dehydrating effect at a cellular level of caffeine, alcohol, offices, computer equipment, and stress
  • Type and quantity of fatty acids in diet: in Europe this means Omega 3 and fish oils
  • Ph of diet and Ph of body: alkaline bias in diet and the body’s PH – eat lots of veggies!
  • Emotional well-being: impact of fear & anxiety – stress dehydrates the body and the cells
  • Mental well-being: impact of “monkey mind” – stress dehydrates the body and the cells
  • Spiritual well-being: this does not mean going to church or temple, but rather giving yourself time to relax and be still. Meditation is a great tool for anyone to look after their spiritual well-being and is free of ideology and doctrine. Try Mindfulness.

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