Introduction to the Aura

31st August 2011

aura image-whiteFirstly, there is no one universal truth for the structure of the human energy field. Different traditions and cultures use different terms for the same things, or have a more complex view of the human energy field: for instance, 7 major chakras or 13; a simple structure for the aura or a highly complex one. Here I am going to focus on the 7 major chakras and some key aspects of the aura. This approach is influenced by the Hindu perspective on the energy system.


In a nutshell, your aura and chakras are an energy field in and around your physical body. They are a part of you and their purpose is to move energy in and out of you.  The energy stimulates and enlivens you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Your energy field is also an expression of who you are and changes as you grow and develop over time. The smoother and more balanced the movement of energy through you, the greater your sense of well-being and the easier it is to develop and express who you are.  Furthermore, the more balanced and clear your energy system, the easier it is to adapt to the energetic changes taking place in the world around you.

The aura is an egg or sphere of energy in and around your physical body.  It is partly a product of the body’s own electro-magnetism and a standalone energy field, independent of the physical body.  The energy at the outer layers of the aura is of a higher frequency than the inner layers.  As we move from the outside of the aura towards the physical body, the frequency of the energy slows and gets more dense.

The chakras are contained within the layers of the aura and interpenetrate the physical body.  Simply, they are points of focus for the movement of energy in and out of the aura and the physical body.  By point of focus we mean that each chakra relates to a specific frequency of energy.  Think of a frequency of energy as a musical note in an octave or scale.  A chakra is like an individual note, and together they form your system of energy.  The physical body contains major chakras and many smaller ones, as well as some chakras outside of the physical body.  Channels of energy called nadis –some large, some small – facilitate the movement of energy all around the body. The nadis correspond to the meridian system used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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