Development of the Chakras

31st August 2011

S1460034Your energy field develops in two ways: firstly, as you grow from a child into a teenager and then adulthood. During this period of physical, emotional and psychological growth, the energy system evolves and develops. For example, when a baby is born their energy system is focused mainly in the base chakra. This is because their primary focus is being secure, looked after and provided for in the physical world (all of which are characteristics that we associate with the base chakra). Secondly – and this usually occurs during adulthood – the energy field develops when we address blockages and areas of incongruence in the chakras,  enabling them to clear. This causes the chakras to hold more energy and to spin more efficiently, which in turn can develop a person’s sensitivity to energy and the sensory perceptions that are associated with each chakras. For example:

Base chakra – clairsentience: this means that we feel energy as a physical vibration when we tune into a person or place’s energy

Sacral chakra – feeling emotions of other people & places

Solar Plexus – receiving information

Heart Chakra – feeling & expression compassion / unconditional love

Throat Chakra – speaking your truth and hearing “spirit”

Third Eye – intuitive knowing and seeing

Crown Chakra – knowledge of complete concepts

The development of these sensory abilities accompanies and mirrors the development of an individual’s level of consciousness. As the energy system clears and holds higher frequency energy, our consciousness shifts and becomes lighter. A key aspect of development here is the realisation that everything we think, feel, and do is reflected in our energy field and the world we live in. The essence of spiritual development, regardless of which system you follow, is the refinement and development of our character. An individual’s energy system is therefore an expression of who they are and how they chose to live.

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