31st August 2011

A4-nadis31In previous posts, I have looked at the outer part of the human energy field, the aura. Then I looked at the major chakras which connect into the physical body itself. The next level down is the nadis.  A nadi is a channel that moves energy in and around the body. They are not physical. There are a huge number of minor nadis, and 2 major Nadis: the ida and the pingalla. These two major Nadis twist around the sushumna and so are part of the central column of energy within your body. If you are aware of the Meridian system used in Chinese medicine, there is a general correspondence between the pathways of the Nadis and those of the Meridian system.

The Ida starts at the left side of the root chakra and ends in the left nostril – it carries a cool calming lunar energy.

The Pingala starts at the right of the root chakra and ends in the right nostril – it carries solar energy, which is full of heat and drive.

The purpose of the Ida and Pingala is to take energy directly from the air via the breath, and to discharge toxic matter when you exhale. This is an important part of your energy system and illustrates the importance of your breath – consider how deeply you breath during an average day, what are you breathing, are you in an office most of the day, how often are you in nature?

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