The Aura Machine

29th August 2011

Everytime I show the machine to someone, it grabs their attention and really gets them engaged. So, if you have never seen an Aura Machine in action, get in touch and arrange to have your Aura analyzed!

How does the machine work?

The equipment consists of a hand sensor that plugs into a PC via a USB cable, and some computer software. The hand sensor picks up electrical signals in the five fingers of your left hand, together with some basic temperature readings. The machine sends these signals to the software which analyses them. The electrical signals along your fingers correspond to certain parts of your body and its energy system. In creating the system, developers looked at the body’s Meridian system that is used in acupuncture and reflexology – the Meridians are a network of electrical pathways through the body. The hands and the feet have specific arrangements of these pathways that connect to the Meridian system in other parts of the body – this is why reflexology on your feet can have a beneficial affect on another part of your body. The sensor then picks up the relative strength or weakness of an electrical signal in the hand, and then sends that information to the software.

Kirlian Photography

Before I explain the next part of how the machine works, we need to look at how its developers first got started. Research into producing a machine that can analyze and visualize the human energy field started in California in the 1970s. The research built on work by Russian scientists in the 1930s. Semyon and Valentina Kirlian discovered a photographic technique that captured a subtle layer of energy around all living things. In the example below, a leaf has been photographed using the technique and it reveals a clear and bright layer of energy around it. The work in California built on this initial research.


AuraVideo Station

Kirlian photography uses a camera, photographic film and a development process to produce the image. The system I have purchased uses a different approach. As outlined above, the hand sensor records the electrical signals in the left hand. The software then analyses those signals and correlates them with certain frequencies or colors of energy that appear in parts of the human energy field. The developers did this by working with a significant number of clairvoyants – people who can see the human energy field – over many years and matching the information from the hand sensor with what the clairvoyants saw. This then enables the developers to produce a system that shows the human energy field in and around the physical body. The end results is an image like this:


When you are using the machine, the image is very dynamic and shifts from moment to moment as you breath, talk, or shift from one state to another. For example, if you move from thinking and analyzing what you are seeing to just enjoying it, then the colour and shape of the energy field will change.

Colors in the Aura

The colors around the body are very dynamic and shift from moment to moment, unless you are very calm and relaxed. The color in the core of the body is more stable and tends to change when we move from one activity or state of mind to another. For example, when you are working your energy will stabilize around one particular color; when you get home and switch off, it will most likely shift to another color. It is perfectly possible to be different colors, however it is stressful for us if we spend too long being something that we are not – for example, doing a job we hate! Whilst this machine is not a diagnostic tool – it is not sensitive enough for that – it is very good at showing us at a general  level what is with our energy and so making us aware of what we are doing to ourselves.


Finally, the system can also produce written reports that show you the following types of information: relative strength or weakness of each chakra (an energy centre in the body – the circles of light down the centre of the body in the image above); overall strength or weakness of the aura; distribution of color in the aura and what this might mean; some general personality characteristics that correspond to each color or type of aura.










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