Your Emotional Body

31st August 2011

This is where our feelings and emotions reside and is an important part of the aura because most of us have powerful energies stored here. The emotional body is oval in shape and can be several yards in circumference sometimes. The energy here vibrates faster than the etheric body, but slower than the mental body.  It is very fluid and moves around us like water. This part of us is an energetic expression of 2 aspects of us – (1) what we feel at that given moment; and (2) of the core emotional aspects of our personality.


This image is taken from Barbara Brennan’s work “Hands of Light”, which is listed in the Recommended Reading section.





If we were perfectly balanced and free from negative experiences and trauma, then our emotional and mental bodies would be clear and open. However most of us have had a few knocks along the way, so we build up a store of energetic blockages and debris in the emotional body. If left, this interferes with our ability to live and love freely, as well as creating the potential for disease and ill health in the body.  These energies also grow stronger overtime as we reinforce them with further negative experiences so it will often require help as well as courage takes strength to release them.

Imagine that you have had a car accident. You have recovered physically but are scared to drive.  You now carry a negative belief or thought pattern about driving and when you think about driving, you feel fear. What is happening here is that the mental body holds the negative belief and then triggers the fear stored in the emotional body. That fear is then transmitted back into the physical body where we experience it.

How then are blockages released? If you work with energy you can use your own practice to do this by being focused. Alternatively, an energy healer could work with you.  Going back to the example of an accident, you could use a journal to write out what happened before during and after the accident. Express your fears verbally and also express your determination to let it all go. Then use meditation or reiki work on your body and your aura. This process will usually trigger a powerful emotional release, which can be followed by stomach upsets as the body releases stored toxicity from deep within it (the body stores unresolved emotions as toxicity).  Having completed this process, you would expect to see changes in the emotional body – dark areas of stuck energy would be clear.

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