Your Emotions

2nd September 2011

emotions shutterstock_65835514Whilst there is a range of emotions we can experience, they all have one thing in common: at one level they are merely energy. Some of that energy feels good – joy, happiness – whilst some it feels difficult and uncomfortable – sadness, fear, anger.

Firstly, consider how the emotions you experience day to day link back to your physical body and its energetic condition. When your physical body is tired. how do you feel emotionally? Do you feel deflated and down? When your body is full of energy, do you feel positive and happy? If you have eaten too many sugary & fatty foods, do you feel anxious and jittery? This is the first step towards understanding how each part of our energy system affects the other, and when we do not support our system it has a negative impact on us.

Experiencing emotion is part of what makes us human. Some of us are extremely good at it, some of us are a little more modest in how we feel things. From the perspective of an energy healer, the important thing is that emotions are expressed and that they are expressed appropriately. Obviously, if you have a bad day at work and want to “kill” your boss then that is not appropriate! What we often see in energy work, is that most people hold¬†unexpressed emotional energy¬†in their system. Unexpressed emotion is found both in the physical body and in the energy field around your body. We call this energy field the aura – there is an additional section in Resources on this topic. There is often a correlation between stress and tension at a physical level, and unexpressed emotion. An energy healer can sense these areas of stress and facilitate their release.

Another interesting side-effect of not allowing yourself to experience difficult emotions is that this impacts on your day to day relationships. This is particularly evident in close relationships with friends, partners and work colleagues. In these relationships an unexpressed anger can become sublimated – or redirected – towards a relatively minor issue. As a result we overreact to situations that press our buttons and we do not really understand what is happening. One aspect of therapy and counselling is to work towards this sort of understanding. Energy healing complements this process by releasing the underlying stuck emotion.

In the next section we will look at the energy of the mind.





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