Your Energy System

2nd September 2011

aura image physicalMost people think of their energy as a purely physical issue – does their body have plenty of energy or are they tired? The messages we receive from advertising focus on our bodies and how to get a quick “pick me up” – Red Bull gives you wings; espresso gives you a kick-start in the morning; a chocolate bar or sports energy drink gives you an energy boost, and so on. Your energy system is more complex than this – it operates on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. One of my objectives is to help people become aware of all of these levels and how they affect their well-being.

When we experience our body, we are touching or feeling something tangible. We eat, drink and exercise to keep the physical body healthy and to give it energy. ┬áThis physical body is – when broken down to its smallest parts – merely energy: an arrangement of atoms. When we experience our emotions, such as joy or anger, those emotions are also just energy: the movement of chemicals through our body, eliciting a particular response in our consciousness. Similarly, when we think or hold a particular concept in our mind, that is the movement of energy within our brain and our nervous system. These are conventional perspectives on the human body. What is not conventional is the next step which is to say the physical, emotional and mental components are each a component of our consciousness, and they are part of a greater whole. We experience our consciousness – our awareness of ourselves – in the body and as such the body is a central and vital part of our experience. However, it is not who we are – it is a vehicle or vessel for our consciousness. And this consciousness is made up of our emotional, mental and spiritual characteristics. Each of these has an important bearing on how we experience ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.

In the context of reiki and energy work, this perspective is important because it shows us how interrelated the different parts of us are, and how an issue in one part of us can create something in another. For example, blocked or unexpressed emotion causing physical discomfort (back pain and stomach problems are common manifestations). Therefore creating and maintaining a healthy energy system, where energy flows easily and unimpeded is a great way to help maintain health and well-being.

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