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17th November 2011

mind-headThe mind is an important part of your energy system because it is where most of us spend most of our time! Mobile phones and computers consume a lot of our attention and these are first and foremost mind based activities. When we are in the mind a lot of our energy and consciousness is focused on the mental aspect of ourselves, rather than being “in” our body or engaging with someone face to face.

Using a phone and computer is incredibly useful, however using them all day has an affect on us at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Our bodies become tight and rigid through sitting too much or holding a phone to our ear for too long; we do not engage in genuine human interactions and this impacts on our emotional state – meeting people in the flesh is better than meeting people virtually; our minds get locked into the structures of the hardware and software that power the computers – this stifles the imagination and trains our minds to work in fixed patterns; and finally, by being focused so much on our mental aspect we ignore or forget that there is another part of us that benefits from attention – our spiritual aspect.

There is another aspect of our minds that is very significant and that is the beliefs that we hold about the world and ourselves. These beliefs are at a conscious and unconscious level. Most of the beliefs that we use to navigate the world are subconscious and they are derived from what we learnt from our parents, family, teachers etc as we grew up. These subconscious beliefs create the mental “software” that we use to navigate the world. Some of these “programs” are incredibly useful and important (at a personal and social level) – fire is hot so don’t mess around with it; treat other people with respect and courtesy; I am loved; and so on. The last one hints at how beliefs can also be damaging – a child who has been abused or damaged in some way can grow up believing that they are not loved or not worthy of love. That then informs their relationships with the world and other people.

How are these points then relevant to reiki and energy work? Well, firstly there is a very close relationship between the emotional and mental aspects of our consciousness. A damaging emotional experience in childhood creates a negative belief – “I am not loved”. The emotion is too difficult for the child to process so the child buries the emotional energy which is stored within the body. This stored emotional energy creates physical tension and stress as the child develops and matures (unless it has been released).  The adult may then struggle to form healthy loving relationships because of the underlying belief that they are not loved or worthy of love – this may lead them into destructive or dysfunctional relationships which create further emotional and mental stress on their system, compounding the primary underlying cause.

Reiki and energy work help a person to release the stuck emotional energy in their system, and so to heal the underlying causes of pain. It is not a substitute for therapy or counselling, but is an excellent complement to them because it works holistically on a person’s energy system (ie at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level).

Finally, if we spend too much time in our head doing “mind” stuff, then we do not allow our energy to flow evenly throughout our system. This is because our energy flows to where we are focusing.  We need a balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Too much of one can create an overall imbalance our system. In particular, we can each benefit from giving a little time every day to our spiritual aspect – this is not about being religious but about allowing that part of us to come through. Some people meditate, some practice yoga, some go for a walk in the woods, some pray; there are many ways and each of us has our own way. What is important is that we try.






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