Your Etheric Body

31st August 2011

This is a layer of energy around all living things. In a human being this layer of energy is between 1-4″ thick, depending on the individual.  As you can see in the pictures, this layer of energy mirrors the shape of the hands and (below) the leaf. An interesting aspect of this layer of energy is that if the leaf is cut in half, the etheric layer still shows the original shape of the physical leaf.  In the human energy system, this layer is a storehouse of energy that the body has drawn up from the earth via the root Chakra (at the bottom of the spine) and from the sun via the solar plexus Chakras.


The etheric body stores the energy around the body and transmits it into the physical body as and when needed. The thicker the layer of energy around the body the more reserves the body has to draw on – it also forms a protective layer around the body that helps to keep us healthy. The etheric body can be damaged by environmental conditions, for instance toxicity, and poor lifestyle choices such as excess alcohol; caffeine; drugs; too much stress etc.  It can also be damaged by negativity stored in other parts of the aura particularly the emotional and mental bodies.  Problems in these parts of the aura create holes and fissures in the etheric body, and ill health can develop from there.

The etheric body also moves energy and the information contained within it from the other parts of the aura into the physical body, and vice versa. Therefore the stronger and healthier this part of the aura is, the freer the movement of energy between the physical and subtle parts of yourself.

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