Your Mental Body

31st August 2011

This is where we hold our core beliefs at a conscious and unconscious level and where thought and experience is processed by our mind aspect.  The mental body is oval in shape and it extends further from the physical body than the emotional and etheric bodies.  The energy here vibrates at a faster rate than emotional body, but at a slower rate than the spiritual body. The emotional body is very fluid and energy moves around it like water. Here the energy is more structured, almost crystalline in texture.

This image is from Barbara Brennan’s work “Hands of Light”, which is in the Recommended Reading section.






Its colour ranges from a milky white to a bright intense and clear colour, depending on how evolved this part of the person is.

The mental body consists of two “mind” aspects:

  • A rational element that processes information from the physical body, which is passed to it via the etheric and emotional bodies. Bear in mind the risk here of that information being distorted by blockages in the emotional body – this often is the cause of negative and fearful mental reactions to situations. The fear in the emotional body distorts the “rational” response. Are you frightened of spiders?
  • An intuitive knowing whereby universal truths or knowledge is received from the spiritual bodies and integrated into the rational mind and then the physical body. An example of this is a sudden insight, a sudden knowing:  ie non-linear thinking.  The extent to which this is happening is determined by how open and connected the third eye and crown chakras are.

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