Your Physical Body

2nd September 2011

walkingThe UK has a health conscious society and the media, at all levels, has plenty of messages about what is good for our body and what is not. It is a given for most people that the following damages the health of the body: drinking too much alcohol; smoking tobacco; eating too much salty, sugary or fatty food; not enough exercise and so on. Not everyone lives this way, but most people are aware of the message.

A lifestyle that does not support the body has obvious effects on its health in the short or long term: excessive alcohol poisons the body and we have a hangover; lack of exercise and eating too much can lead to weight gain and so on.

From the perspective of an energy healer, these lifestyle choices have additional effects. When our body is not supported by good diet and exercise, then its natural ability to absorb energy is compromised. Irrespective of whether we see an energy healer or work with Reiki, our body naturally absorbs energy from its environment. This energy supports the body and our overall well-being. The body’s capacity to do this is limited when the body is dehydrated – dehydration is in turn the result of many lifestyle factors: stress dehydrates the body; excessive salt and sugar in the diet dehydrates the body; alcohol dehydrates the body, as do many prescription drugs. This stresses the body in the short term and if the condition continues then, cumulatively, it creates the potential for ill-health.

In the the next section, I look at the energy of your emotions.

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