Your Spiritual Body

31st August 2011

The spiritual plane contains several auric layers. Together they can appear as an oval shape or a sphere; it depends on the person and the person perceiving them.  This part of the aura can be a few yards in diameter or a few miles, if the person is highly  evolved spiritually.

NB this is not an artist’s impression of the spiritual body; just a nice picture of a bright light!

The purpose of the spiritual body is to receive the highest frequency energies and to pass them down into the lower frequency parts of the aura: the mental and emotional and etheric bodies, and so into the physical body via the chakras. The movement of this high frequency energy accelerates the clearing of blockages and stagnant energy in the mental and emotional bodies. As these bodies clear they – or rather we – become a purer expression of who we are and it is easier to trust and flow with life.

In order for this to happen most effectively we have to connect to this part of ourselves consciously and work on strengthening the connection. Otherwise these higher energies only come through in dribs and drabs. Some people are naturally very connected to this part of themselves. This is not just mystics and spiritual people, but artists, musicians, scientists etc who have a natural creativity in their work.

As you progress in your practice, whether it is yoga, meditation, reiki or some other modality, you will build and strengthen your connection to your spiritual bodies and the energy contained within it.  This is where the “higher self” resides and by being more connected to this part of ourselves, we can live with greater purpose.

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