Human Energy System – 1 Day Workshop

12th October 2011

If you are interested in attending a future workshop like this, please email me.

Feedback from participants:

David “a superb day of enlightenment and group connectedness”

Barbara “A thoroughly enjoyable day, there is so much to learn about this subject and I feel that we made great inroads yesterday, Dominic is so good at presenting the information and made the whole day interesting and fun…the energy was incredible.”

This one day workshop took place on October 9th 2011 and was on the Human Energy System. It combined detailed information with powerful exercises to explore energy in a safe group environment. It is recommended for people who are already working with energy in some way. (For a more general introduction to energy & healing, check out the event that took place on September 5th).

The workshop began and ended with a group energy circle, and explored the following topics:

– The major chakras within & outside of your physical body;
– The structure & function of the aura and its relationship to the chakras;
– The function of the Star Tetrahedral fields around your physical body;
– The relationship between your energy system & your consciousness;
– The importance of the physical body & its connection to the Earth.

In addition to these core topics, we discussed how this all relates to our own healing and development at this time of change.

During the workshop, we used a combination of theory, practice and reflection to allow participants to develop their own understanding.  We used an Aura Machine, a selection of tuning fork (for the Major Chakras, the Tree of Life & the Sacred Sollegio Tones) to support our work and did some group healing work to see how our energy changed on the Aura Machine.  If you are interested in attending a future workshop like this, please email me.


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