Introduction to Human Energy System

23rd September 2011

A workshop to explain how the human energy system works and how Reiki healing helps to bring it into balance, enhancing our well-being. This type of workshop is an ideal opportunity for people new to healing to find out more and ask questions in an open & safe environment.

The workshop covered the following material:

  • structure of the human energy system: aura; chakras
  • how the body absorbs healing energy
  • live demonstration of the human energy system with an aura machine
  • a demonstration & explanation of healing
  • exercises to experience and work with your own energy.

Everyone who attended received a copy of their Aura & Chakra image. Testimonials from those attended included:

“It was fascinating and an area I have not explored before…..I loved your aura machine.”

“I had wanted to refresh my memory and clarify my thoughts on the basics of energy healing, which in fact happened and in a very accessible and down to earth way.”


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