Spiritual Fitness – Mastering your Energy System

11th February 2012

Spiritual Fitness –  Mastering Your Energy System

I am running this workshop in association with the London College of Spirituality (LCS). The event takes place at the Bloomsbury Baptist Church on 235 Shaftesbury Avenue. The details of the event are set out below and to RSVP or find out more, please go to the LCS meet up group page.


Do you meditate? Do you practice Reiki or another form of healing? Are you interested in energy and consciousness? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this workshop on Spiritual Fitness is for you.

Spiritual Fitness means learning to support and strengthen your energy in the best way for YOU. Through doing this you honour yourself by living as fully and consciously as you can from moment to moment. In practical terms, this means being aware of how you can affect and manage your energy at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Being in your body as is spiritual as it gets so focusing on your body is important for anyone working with energy. At this workshop we will look at how nurturing your physical well-being supports your energy system at all levels. More detailed work on the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your energy system will be covered in separate workshops. Topics we will cover at this workshop include:

– reviewing the structure of the human energy field with particular focus on the physical body itself;

– showing you the human energy field live on a screen using an aura machine;

– experiment with exercises for the body that open up your chakras;

– review how your diet and hydration and the pH of your body affect the strength and vitality of your energy system;

– explain how the different environments you live and work in affect your energy;

– the effect of working consciously with energy at a physical level: yoga; breath-work; mudras; meridians and Tantric energy;

– explain what being grounded actually means, ways to ground yourself, and why it is important;

– meditation, prayer & healing: what this does to the physical body & why it is so important;

The workshop will last 90 minutes. There will be guided meditations at the start and at the end of the workshop, together with a Question & Answer session.

Remember – Our Energy Matters!

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