Spiritual Fitness – The Mind: Master or Servant?

24th April 2012

Spiritual Fitness – The Mind: Master or Servant?

In this evening workshop we continue our exploration of the human energy system by looking at the mind.  Mind is a very powerful aspect of our consciousness, impacting our energy at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

This event will take place in the Seminar Room at Evolve Wellness Centre South Kensington on Wednesday 5th September from 7pm-9pm. Click here of a map. Evolve is a 5 minute walk from South Kensington Tube, which is on the Piccadilly / Circle & District Lines.  

Eventbrite - Spiritual Fitness - The Mind: Master or Servant?

Our minds also play a prominent role in our spiritual lives, determining how we approach our practice (“this way is better than that way”), what we can and cannot believe in (ETs are all the rage these days?), and what we are deserving of. Last but not least, it is through our minds that we create our story within which our identity and understanding of ourselves is formed.  In our spiritual practice this is particularly important as we break down limiting beliefs and expand our idea of who and what we are.  We are living in a time of great transformation and therefore it serves us to understand the impact of our minds on our experience of change.

Understanding these questions enables us to start to answer the question – are we Master of our own Mind, or are we dancing to its tune?  Specific topics and meditations that we will cover in this two hour workshop include:

  • An opening meditation to connect us as a group and to open up our energy systems for the workshop.
  • Explore the question of whether our minds are our master or our servant?
  • Discuss the two aspects of “mind” that manifest in the human energy system and look at the associated chakras.
  • See our energy live on screen using the Aura Machine.
  • Look at the impact on the energy system of being in our “minds” for extended periods of time.
  • Examine the connection between our mind and the other parts of our energy system: the emotions, the body, and the spirit.
  • Consider the impact of our mind and our beliefs on our energy system and on our well-being.
  • Use a meditation on our feeling bodies to sense the different energies that move through our fields.
  • See how the mind creates a story for us – our identity – in order to make sense of the world and our experience in it.
  • Uncover the role of the shadow self in creating our unconscious beliefs and judgments about ourselves and the world.
  • Reveal the importance of myth and story, and the role they play in all spiritual practice.
  • Discuss the impact of our beliefs and expectations at this time of great transformation, which some call Ascension, and the transition of humanity’s experience of separation towards a holistic view of life.
  • During our closing meditation we will use a meditation to move through the different fields of energy in your system, from the physical to the emotional, the mental and then to the spiritual aspect that we each hold within us.

Eventbrite - Spiritual Fitness - The Mind: Master or Servant?


What is Spiritual Fitness?

As a human being you experience yourself at several levels – as physical sensation and action; as emotion and feeling; as thought; and as something spiritual or transcendent. Through Spiritual Fitness we are empowered to nurture each part of ourselves – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and to see ourselves as already whole.  This workshop is part of a series that looks at the human energy system from four perspectives: the physical, the emotional, the mind, and the spiritual. Although part of an integrated whole, examining each in turn illuminates the role of each and makes us more conscious of how our choices determine our experience of life on a day to day basis.

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