Understanding your Aura, Chakra & Energy System

23rd September 2011

Workshop Overview:

This workshop gave an understanding of the energy system as a whole by describing its different elements and explaining how energy moves through them. This included a description of the aura and its component parts, the chakras, and how they connect into the physical body. We also discussed how energy is absorbed by the body and how the condition of the body affects its ability to absorb energy.

Given the challenging times we live in, being aware of how your energy system works is particularly important in managing stress.

Workshop Format

The workshop ran for two hours.

  1. The first hour covered the core information: the aura; the chakra system; the body’s assimilation of energy; the impact of lifestyle choices on your energy system; the changes in the planet’s energy and its impact on us; and some examples of practical exercises to explore your energy.
  2. We then spent approximately 30 minutes showing you examples of the human aura and chakra system live on an Aura Machine. We used volunteers from the audience to show how dynamic and sensitive the human energy field is.
  3.  The last 30 minutes was a Q&A session to ask questions.

PDF of the key information from the workshop was sent to all who attended the workshop. Feedback from the workshop included:

“This workshop was absolutely wonderful. Dominic was so knowledgeable and I feel that I learnt such a lot.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – very informative and loved seeing peoples’ auras change, especially after the healing!”

“A truly wonderful evening. Dominic was very informative and knowledgeable on the energy systems of the body. Absolutely fascinating to see on the Aura machine live, someone receiving healing….you could actually see the energy moving! Thank you Dominic.”



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