Dominic Houston’s Reiki Training

29th August 2012

When you are choosing a Reiki Teacher it is good to know who trained them and what process they went through to become a Teacher. Practicing as a Teacher involves a mix of skills, including the practical aspect of organising events, managing people, and communication skills. These are all important aspects of teaching. Looking at Reiki specifically, it is important to know that the Teacher has been through a thorough development process themselves to reach the point when they are ready to take the responsibility of working with students. The more thorough their training, the deeper their ability to work with the energy that is at the heart of the Reiki Teaching.

Usui Reiki

Set out below are the dates when Dominic Houston took his Usui Reiki courses, and his lineage. Lineage is the connection back to the founder of modern Reiki, Mikao Usui. For some people, this is a very important fact to consider in their training.

All of Dominic’s training in Usui Reiki has been with Chris Parkes who runs the Reiki School in Manchester with his wife Penny Parkes. More information isĀ available via their website.

August 2007 – First Degree

December 2007 – Second Degree

November 2008 – Master Practioner, Third Degree

June 2011 to June 2012 – Master Teacher

The Master Lineage of Dominic Houston

Mikao Usui: Japan

Chujiro Hayashi: Japan

Hawayo Takata: Hawaii

Barbara Weber-Ray: USA

John Latz: USA

Clarity-Ann Martin: USA

Carrlyn Clay: USA

Chris Parkes: UK

Dominic Houston: UK

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is another form of Reiki: the quality of the energy feels different from that of Usui Reiki and the methods used in the practice are also slightly different. Some people, particularly women, are very drawn to this type of Reiki. Angelic Reiki was first taught by Kevin and Christine Core in the early 2000s. Dominic Houston trained as a practioner and Teacher of Angelic Reiki in the Autumn of 2009. More information about the origins and teaching of Angelic Reiki are available here.


Shamballa was created as a a five day retreat by Christine Core. Dominic Houston first attended a Shamballa retreat in Autumn 2010, and then again in Autumn 2011 in order to obtain his Teaching certificate. The student receives a series of energetic attunements over the course of the retreat – 13 in total – and also practices healing and channeling. Shamballa can perhaps best be described as a journey through spiritual identity, which brings with it very profound and deeply personal experiences.


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