Preparing for a Reiki Course

28th August 2012

Once you have booked a place on a Reiki course, you have made a commitment to yourself to attend and to participate. This means that you are coming with an open mind and an open heart to the experience. Imagine that your partner has booked a place on a course and insists that you go along – you do not want to be there but go along anyway to keep the peace. What you get out of that event will be very different from someone who is interested and open to it. It is the same with having a positive intention to attend a Reiki course.

The best way to prepare is to ensure that you are well rested on the morning of the course. Having a quiet night before the course starts is recommended as a good night’s sleep will ensure that you are more relaxed. Similarly, avoiding alcohol for a few days before – or even a week before, depending on how you are feeling – is recommended. Minimizing caffeine is also good because the energy of the Reiki attunements does have a stimulating effect, and so putting that on top of the effects of caffeine can place extra stress on the body. Some people advise that you should eat lighter food in the days leading to the course which means choosing food like fish, chicken or vegetables over dense food like red meat. This is a matter of personal choice and discernment.¬†Finally, drinking plenty of fresh water will ensure that the body is well hydrated. As your body works with the energy from the Reiki attunements, it will require plenty of water.

So, to summarize:

– have a clear intention that you want to do the Reiki course;

– avoid alcohol before the course;

– minimize caffeine before the course;

– try to eat lighter foods before the course;

– ensure that you are drinking the recommended amounts of fresh water.

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