(Even more) Benefits of Reiki

16th January 2013

crown chakra In have previously written about how Reiki can help to relieve stress by creating a deep state of relaxation. There are other benefits, which I will summarize below.

1. Reiki gives you more energy and you will experience this at a physical and mental level. There are occasions when you might be a little tired after a Reiki session if it has been connected to letting go of some emotional issues, but in general a Reiki treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

2. Reiki is an excellent tool in your personal development. If there are some issues that you want to work on and let go off, then you can direct the energy you are working with to help you with this. Reiki is very effective in this way.

3. Through Reiki we come to understand that there is an energy running through all of life, and that this is the energy that we are connecting with when we work with Reiki. This enables to start to feel life much more deeply than we have done previously.

4. Building on the previous point, we can give Reiki to our pets and even to the plants and trees in our gardens.

5. Reiki is an excellent way of supporting you in manifesting what you want to create in your life. Through the use of your intention, you direct the energy to help you achieve your goals. These goals need to be based in love rather than simple material desire or the need to control other people.

6. Reiki is an excellent complement to meditation as the energy that you bring into your body will help you to create a state of relaxation, enabling a deeper stillness within.

7. Reiki creates a natural detoxification process in your body as you work with the energy. This supports your well-being and helps to promote better health.

8. To practice Reiki, you do not need to belief anything or swallow any dogma. It is all based on your own connection to and experience of the energy that you are working with.

9. As you work with Reiki more and more, your awareness and understanding of what is going on around you deepens. This is because Reiki gets you in touch with and enhances your intuitive abilities.

10. Finally, and most importantly, you can give yourself and the people a treatment whenever needed. This puts you in charge of your own day to day well-being.

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