Shamballa: Healing & Living Multi-Dimensionally

17th January 2013

energy spiral“Healing & Living Multi-Dimensionally”: what the hell does that mean? Well, if we rephrased that as living with a deep connection to and perception of life, in all its manifestations, then it might start making a bit more sense. I am writing about this because I have come across this phrase – multidimensional – many times over the last year. Somewhere inside myself I know what it means but it has been very hard to articulate this clearly. So here I am, attempting to express what has so far been elusive.

So let us start by considering how we perceive life on a day to day basis. This is not a trick question – the answer is simple because most of us take our senses for granted. We experience and perceive life through the feeling of touch as we walk upon the earth, swim in the sea or hurtle through the air (Bungee?! Sky-diving?!); or when we shake hands, kiss or hug. And then there are the other senses that are so familiar to us – hearing; smell; sight; and taste. We use these senses to perceive the environment around us, to take in information about it so that our minds can interpret the data and create a “story” about what is happening.

So far so normal. But what about those of us who have psychic perception and receive additional sensory data about the environment we find ourselves in? Psychic perception shows us that there are additional layers to the day to day reality we inhabit. These layers take many forms – detailing them is not the purpose of this post – but what they have in common is that they communicate to us that there is a commonality between all of life. This is – at its simplest – an energy or a vibration that we feel and perceive in all of the life around us, particularly in the natural world. Very often, but not always, we feel this energy as love.

There is another side to this. As well as exploring and perceiving the external world around us, we can explore and perceive internally through meditation and journeying. It is by going within that the true depth and potential of our identity opens up. Again the psychic senses help us to perceive and connect with the deepest aspects of who we are, in particular our capacity to feel (for it is our feelings that connect us to our spiritual identity). Many of these aspects of our identity go way beyond the personality (our name, identity, family history etc) into something much older, more powerful and holding a deep sense of unconditional love. These are the places that mystics have explored for millennia and which are described in the myths and allegories of the worlds’ religions. There is little point in giving them names, as religion has, because the act of naming diminishes them. But what can be said is that connecting with them and retaining that connection changes our perspective and our understanding of ourselves and of life profoundly.

When we connect in this way we build bridges to the parts of ourselves that we have been cut off from, or which we have cast adrift. This is often due to fear or pain, or a lack of awareness that they are there; but in forgetting them we lose so much of our power and potential, and we waste so much energy trying to keep them under wraps (locked away in our “cellar”). Working with these parts of ourselves creates deep change and development in our lives, and with that comes enormous potential for spiritual growth.

So this is how, as of today, I explain the concept of living and healing multi-dimensionally. As for Shamballa? Well, I will be writing about this next!

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