Usui Reiki Training

28th August 2012

First Degree Reiki Course
In this two day course, you receive four attunements to the Reiki energy from the Teacher. This activates the parts of your dormant energy system that are used in healing and significantly increases the flow of energy through your body. You are then taught how to give yourself a Reiki treatment and how to give a Reiki treatment to another person. There is plenty of time for questions and practice over the two days of the course. We also discuss the origins of Reiki and how to use Reiki in your personal development.

After First Degree, you are asked to work with the energy every day for 30 days in order to get your system used to the Reiki energy. This greatly enhances the benefit of the attunements you receive at First Degree. It is recommended that there is a 3 month gap between First and Second Degree Reiki to allow your system to adjust to the energy you are working with.

Second Degree Reiki Course
At Second Degree, you receive two new attunements to the Reiki energy from the Teacher. You learn how to work with Reiki energy at a distance – ie to send energy to someone who is not physically present with you – and the many different ways in which this technique can be used. This level focuses on mental and emotional healing, which for many becomes an important area of their personal development.

Before proceeding to Master Practioner level, it is recommended that you wait at least six months after you have taken Second Degree.

Master Practioner Course (Reiki Third Degree)
At Master Practioner you receive a powerful attunement to the Master Symbol from the Teacher, which greatly increases the flow of energy through your system. This deepens your connection to the energy that you are working with and takes your personal development to new levels. The Course introduces you to the Master Symbol and you are shown how to use it in your healing and personal development practice. Master Practioner is taught separately from Master Teacher as this level is focused mainly on self-mastery.

The Master level energy typically brings up repressed issues that you are still dealing with in your own development. Therefore it is recommended that you practice working with the energy regularly at Second Degree before moving onto Master Practioner.

Master Teacher
This course is for someone who has completed Master Practioner and who wants to start teaching Usui Reiki. It is taught one to one over a period of approximately a year. The course includes the practical aspects of teaching and running events, as well as working through personal development issues and building the strength of your energy system to work with the energy at this level.

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