10th October 2011

tree rootsTraditionally people have been taught to ground down into the energy of the earth. This stabilizes their energy into the here and now by connecting into an energy, earth, which is resonating at the same frequency as their physical body. This approach can still work now for some people, however if you are very sensitive to energy or are drawn to higher frequency energies, then there is a better  approach.

This is because the earth’s energy is unstable at this time as it goes through a period of change and transformation. Therefore grounding down into the earth means that we are trying to stabilize our energy by connecting into something that is inherently unstable.

The alternative works like this:

– take your awareness to the Omega Chakra which is located one hand’s length (measured with your hand) under your the end of your spine;
– see feel etc a column of white light rising from the Omega Chakra up into the spine of your body and out through the top of the skull;
– see feel etc the column of light continuing up through the Alpha Chakra (one hands length above your head) and on through each and every part of you until it connects to the Unified Field (or “Source” if you prefer that concept);
– stand in the connection for however long feels right;
– end by bringing your attention back to your Omega Chakra and visualize 12 lines of golden white light dropping down from around your hips to around your feet.

The purpose of this technique is to allow you to ground multi-dimensionally and to let these aspects of your consciousness to stabilize your energy. It is good to have that intention and understanding when you do it.

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