Physical Energy – The Breath

16th March 2012

breathThe breath is a fundamental part of life and of any spiritual practice. How we breath is strongly linked to where we are focusing our consciousness – in our mind, in our emotions or in our body? For example, when we exercise our breathing deepens and brings the focus of our consciousness more into our body. By comparison, when we do energy work like meditation or reiki, our breathing often becomes more shallow and the focus of our consciousness moves out of our physical body.

Looking at our energy system now, how does the breath fit into the aura and the chakras? The breath brings oxygen into the body and the deeper we breath, the more we galvanize the metabolism and fill the body with oxygen enriched blood. This is a physical aspect of the breath; at the same time the breath is a major source of subtle “energy” (or prana or chi) for most human beings – as we breath we draw in prana / energy into our lungs and also into our energy system. The more developed the energy system is, the more energy is drawn in from sources other than the lungs.

Suggestions for your practice:

When you meditate, practice Reiki or Tai Chi (or whatever other practice you use) be fully aware of your breath and the effect it has on your practice. For example, move the energy in and around your system using your breath. Experiment with breathing into different parts of your body and observe the feelings that you experience there. Experiment with different depths of breath: see how you feel when your breath become shallow (sleepy?) as opposed to deep and active breathing (alert and energised?).

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