Where’s your focus?

19th March 2012

focusAs part of working with our physical energy, it is important to be aware of where your energetic focus is most of the time? Some of us need to be active most of the day: our focus is very much on the physical and getting things done; some of us in our heads and have our heads buried in a book or laptop; others love meditating and never really come back – they float around and do not pay much attention to their physical body.

These aura images show the different types of energy that people hold:

The white aura is generated by someone who is holding a lot of faster energy in their aura, and so their overall focus is more “spiritual”. The red aura is a very physical energy and the yellow aura is generated by someone who is holding a lot of thinking energy in their aura.


Consider where your energetic focus – it may help to keep a diary for a week or ask some of your friends what they think. Getting an idea of where your energy tends to spend most of its time can give you some powerful clues about where to develop or where to make some changes in your daily routine. For example, if you spend most of your time in your “head” (an office job, reading during a long commute, and then watching TV), are you giving your physical body enough time and energy to keep it in balance?















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