Working with our Physical Energy – Kundalini

19th March 2012

The Kundalini is a name for the physical body’s life force that originates at the base of the spine. This life force expresses itself in various ways, for example through physical vitality and exertion. It also expresses itself through creativity, passion and sexuality. This expression of the body’s life force is made through the Sacral chakra, which governs the body’s reproductive system, our emotions and our creativity. The sacral chakra is approximately 3 fingers’ width below your belly button.

The Kundalini is used in our lives to create: at the most primal level this means creating new life. It is also used in anything creative: art; cooking; DIY; writing and so on. The Kundalini energy can also be used in a destructive way, for example in the expression of negative thoughts and feelings. Envy, lust, pride, covetousness etc are all expressions of the Kundalini in a destructive way.

You may be familiar with the phrase “Raising the Kundalini” – this is the practice of consciously stimulating and directing the Kundalini energy up the spine. As it rises up the spine the energy awakens, stimulates and clears the different energy centres or chakras that are are located there. The Kundalini energy moves up the spine via two non-physical energy channels that twist around the spine. These channels intersect at the energy centres and then merge at the sixth centre (shown in the image of the Caduceus below), which is the 3rd Eye.









Almost every major mystical tradition has had a practice that involves controlling or directing the Kundalini energy.  The objective has always been to raise the consciousness of the practioner, enabling enlightenment.

The Kundalini energy is directed upwards into the higher chakras and in so doing activates, enlivens and cleanses them. Over time the energy centres become stronger, more vibrant and able to hold greater amounts of energy. This raises the consciousness of the practioner. The classic practice has involved, through the use of intention, will power and the breath, redirecting the orgasm inwards and up. The practice can also be used to clear the energy channels in the legs as well, which means directing the energy down. The practice can be done by an individual or by a couple.

The Egyptian mystical tradition had a particular technique for directing and using the sexual energy – to find out more check out this article. 

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