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19th March 2012

whole foodNutrition is a very personal issue – from my research and my personal experience I have realised that the “one size fits all” approach to nutrition and diet does not work. Instead, we each have to listen to our own body and to learn what supports our energy and what does not.

The following are some general rules of thumb that work for me in my own practice. What I eat and drink have a powerful effect on my energy system, and I have learnt that these are the most significant drivers of positive and negative changes:

– hydration: drinking plenty of water supports the body at every level

– eating fresh natural food, rather than processed foods

– dairy: organically produced dairy

– meat: the meat I eat has been produced using organic farming methods rather than factory farmed

– alcohol: alcohol is toxic to the body and to the chi/prana/energy that we work with in our practice. The more you work with energy, the harder it may become to carry on drinking alcohol.

– being aware of the effect on the pH balance of my body of the food & drink that I put into my body. This site has a good chart on the impact of most foodstuffs. 

– sugar: sugar is toxic to the chi/prana/energy that we work with in our practice, however it can be grounding which is often useful if we have been doing a lot of energy work. I try to avoid products containing fructose, glycerol, palm oil, aspartame and other sugar substitutes.


If you feel that your nutrition is an important area to explore in your practice, then it can help to keep a diary for a week. Recording what we eat, drink and do over a period of time, and then matching that up with how we feel energetically can give us some important clues as to the impact of our nutrition.

Check out the recommendations page for some more information on nutrition, in particular Daniel Cousens excellent book “Spiritual Nutrition.” Barbara Wren’s work “Cellular Awakening” is also very good.

If you want to dig deeper, then it is really helpful to understand what your metabolic type is. Justin Smith is an expert on nutrition and can do a metabolic typing for you. I found this incredibly useful and the changes he recommended shifted my energy from fatigued to normal in 3 days. Here is a video on his site with some links below the video to more article on nutrition. Justin can also do a metabolic typing for you. (The rest of his site is about cholesterol and the statin industry).



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