Working with our Physical Energy

12th March 2012

walkingBeing in your body as is spiritual as it gets, so focusing on your body is important for anyone working with energy.  By understanding how nurturing your physical well-being supports your energy system at all levels, you can strengthen your spiritual practice and incorporate more of it into your daily life.

The most important areas to consider are:

  • Reviewing the structure of the human energy field with particular focus on the physical body itself;
  • Experiment with exercises for the body that open up your chakras;
  • Review how your diet and hydration and the pH of your body affect the strength and vitality of your energy system;
  • Explain how the different environments you live and work in affect your energy;
  • The effect of working consciously with energy at a physical level: yoga; breath-work; mudras; meridians;
  • Explain what being grounded actually means, ways to ground yourself, and why it is important;
  • Meditation, prayer & healing: what this does to the physical body & why it is so important.

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