Our Feeling Body

21st March 2012


A major barrier to being fully in the body is our capacity to feel. It as if our consciousness wants to be fully grounded in the physical body, but there are energetic blocks in the system that get in the way – this is often connected to our capacity to connect to our feelings. Too much exposure to electronic devices, or regular use of alcohol and drugs can also have the same impact on our energy system. Meditating on our Feeling Body is the best way I know to build this connection.

The Feeling Body is that part of our Aura that interfaces with the environment around us – it acts as an energetic bridge between our physical body and the people and places around us. It relays this energy to the physical body where it is experienced as sensation, emotion, thought and visualisation.

As we build and strengthen this part of our energy system, we may find that our ability to perceive and experience energy subtly increases. So we may start to feel energy as a vibration more, or pick up the emotions of other people and places more clearly. A good way of thinking about your feeling body is to consider it a muscle – you can use it or lose it!

Feeling Body Meditation

As with any meditation, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Use music, candles and incense as you wish. The description is quite long, however the substance of the meditation is quite simple so I recommend memorizing the basic steps.

  • Close eyes
  • Become aware of being in your body
  • Bring focus to your breath and let go of everything that you do not need in this space at this time
  • Breath from the belly – bring the belly out as you breath in; bring the belly in as you breath out. Keep of your focus on the belly throughout the meditation – this will maintain your connection to the physical body.
  • Find your own rhythm with the breathing
  • Feel the touch / weight of your body and what it is in contact with; be aware of where and what you are feeling; connect in consciousness with those feelings. Allow the stillness of your physical body to quiet your mind.
  • Bring awareness now into your body and feel inside it. Let your consciousness go wherever it wants to. Be aware of any tension or pain your body. What does it feel like emotionally?
  • Be aware of your skin: sensory organs all over your body picking up information from your environment.
  • Be aware now of the air around your body; the clothes on your body; the temperature of the room; the feeling of the music
  • Now bring your awareness to your heart and the space in front of you – as you exhale project your awareness out from your heart into this space in front of you. Feel what is in your consciousness at this time.
  • Ask yourself, how does this space feel to you? Ask what it feels like as a texture, a sound, an emotion, a smell, a color?
  • After a minute or two (whenever you are ready), bring your awareness back to your heart on an inhale.
  • Repeat for the space to your back, then to your right and then to your left. Each time ask the same question: what does this space feel like?
  • Then on an out breath extend awareness into all four directions at once. Experience yourself as a circle of awareness.
  • Then on an in breath come back to the central stillness of the body. On the next outbreath extend your awareness up and ask what that space feels like. Stay in that space for a minute or two and then bring your awareness back to the body on an in-breath.
  • Then on the next outbreath extend your awareness down to the space beneath your feet and ask what that space feels like. After a minute or so bring your awareness back to the heart on an in-breath. Finally extend your awareness in all 6 directions and  experience yourself as a sphere of consciousness.
  • Continue with the breath for as long as feels comfortable. When you are ready to finish consciously bring your awareness back into the body and ground yourself before getting on with the rest of your day.


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