The Mind & Our Energy System

12th September 2012

Thinking Aura ImageSo what are we talking about when we refer to the Mind and its role in the human energy system? Well, first of all I should clarify that we are not looking from the perspective of psychology or neuro-science, but rather from the perspective of working with our energy and personal development. By mind I mean the aspect of our awareness and experience of life (ie our consciousness) that creates structure and form. It does this in various ways, although language and imagery are very prominent in this process. (To find out more about how the mind processes experience and information, it is worth looking into neuro-linguistic programming).

Our minds create our story and tell us who we are, what we are doing, what we perceive happening around us, and what we think is going to happen next. Without our mind and our story, we are lost in this reality: our interaction with the world is impossible without the medium of a coherence psyche, and that psyche is the product of our mind’s processing of our life experiences. However, when we start to work with our energy and explore different states of consciousness, this story can get in the way or distort our experiences. This is because our attachment to our story – very necessary for getting to work and doing the shopping! – is often at odds with the objective of connecting to and experiencing the mystery that is inherent within all of life.

Why is this important? Because our mind is a tool that creates meaning out of pure experience of life as it unfolds around us: it is not the experience or the life itself. Therefore the more time we spend in our heads, in our minds, the less we allow ourselves to be centred in the experience of life itself. This is at the heart of the “being in the now” and “being in the present” teaching that many modern mystics and philosophers have written about, for example Eckhart Tolle and Tim Freke.

Two Aspects of Mind

Our body contains a subtle energy system which supports our well-being at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. For more information about the aura, click here.

Two aspects of this energy system relate to our mind – one is the solar plexus chakra which reflects our linear thinking and processing of information; the other is the third eye chakra which relates to our non-linear intuitive thinking.

As our consciousness – ie the focus of our awareness – shifts during the course of a day, so does our energy system. So if we are being physically active, the lower parts of the energy system – that support the movement of blood through the body – get a greater focus. Similarly, when we do a lot of thinking our energy becomes focused in our solar plexus chakra. If we tend to be more creative and intuitive in our thinking, then our focus is more in our third eye chakra. People often discount their intuition and creativity, but having these qualities does not require us to be giving people psychic readings or painting great works of art. It is much more mundane than that! Intuition involves merely listening to your own inner voice or inner judgment about what to do in your life and in situations that present themselves to you. Creativity is just about doing stuff! Cooking and being playful or joking around are the easiest examples!

Both of these aspects of mind are useful and necessary, however being aware of them allows us to ask the question “where do we spend most time?”



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