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25th April 2012

prism light shutterstock_140529229In the article, Suppressed Emotion – The Effect of Spiritual Practice, I outlined how working with energy starts to release suppressed emotions. Here I outline the deeper impact over time on our energy system of working with our emotions.


There is an intimate connection between our capacity to feel and how grounded we are, by which I mean how connected we are to our physical body. The more at ease we are with life and with feeling flowing through us, the more comfortable we are being our physical body. It is easier to understand this by imagining someone who has suppressed a lot of difficult feelings within their consciousness – as a result they have also suppressed their capacity to feel life around them and to empathize with others. (This is a generalisation – there are example of people who are not “wired” to feel and to empathize with others in the same way as most human-beings).  By feeling more, we come deeper into our physical body and the joy of life moves more easily through us and through our energy system.

Feeling Body

Our capacity to experience our emotions is also closely connected to our ability to sense and feel what is going around us energetically. This is achieved through building a connection to our Feeling Body. As this connection strengthens, our feelings become a barometer and a guide as to what resonates with our being and what is dissonant. This applies equally to the tangible world as it does to the subtle energies that we feel and experience in our Spiritual Practice.  Therefore the more that we allow ourselves to experience emotion, the more we allow life to move through us.  Our capacity to feel is our capacity to experience life moving through us in all its forms, to feel love in all its different vibrations.


Our physical body is a vehicle for our consciousness, for our awareness of ourselves here. In order to know and experience ourselves here we identify with our thoughts and emotions, and during the course of a lifetime we construct a story of who and what we are.  This is not only very normal and useful, it makes life extremely interesting! In the context of a Spiritual Practice we start paying attention to another part of ourselves and – as I have already described – this has an impact on our energy system by challenging areas that are blocked or suppressed.

As blockages and suppressed areas clear we are offered the opportunity to shift our understanding of who we are and to evolve our identity. For example, someone has grown up with the idea that they are not worthy of love because they did not have a loving relationship with their parents. That experience creates a subconscious belief that this is how relationships work – we do not receive love from the people closest to us. We therefore gravitate towards the people who are capable only of expressing that degree of love. If we challenge and release the subconscious belief, then we have the opportunity to change how we feel about ourselves, what we expect from the people closest to us and therefore the types of relationships we want.

Furthermore, our Spiritual Practice reminds us that we are not just the sum of our mental and emotional experiences in a physical body – these are (very important) aspects of our identity but they are not all of what we are. To forget that we are bigger than them is to ignore the greater part of ourselves. Living conscious of this connection and sense of identity creates a simple and profound shift in our understanding of who we are and how we relate to all of life around us.




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