Working with Our Emotions – Introduction

12th March 2012

heart chakra shutterstock_81356665Human-beings are unique in that they can experience themselves on many different levels of consciousness: through the physicality of their bodies, through their emotions, through thought, and as spiritual beings. The power and beauty of our emotions are often not fully utilized or properly understood in spiritual practice. In our events on working with emotional energy we cover a wide range of topics, including:

•       The crucial role of our feeling bodies, which are the bridge between the spiritual and physical aspects of our energy systems.

•       Look at the links between our physical body and our emotions, including the impact of diet and environment on our emotional energy.

•       Learn how our emotions are created and experienced physically, and how this links into our energy systems.

•       Discover what happens in our energy system when our emotional experiences are suppressed.

•       Explore what our shadow selves are and how working on this aspect of our consciousness is a source of great power.

•       Learn to differentiate between the energy of our own emotions and that of other people and places.

•       Explain what the link is between the emotional and mental aspects of our energy system.

•       Understand how emotions are the vital link between the physical and spiritual aspects of our energy systems.

•       Experience the energy of different emotional states as a group.



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