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Energy, Identity & Spiritual Practice

January 5th, 2013
Hubble Space Telescope

As we work with our energy over time, that energy acts as a catalyst for change in our lives and in our understanding of ourselves. Part of this process is to mirror aspects of who we are through our experiences, friendships, relationships and the challenges that we face.  It brings to the surface aspects of our consciousness that we may not like or which we do not want to face. The more we work with our energy, the deeper this process goes. At some point


Help – I’m too sensitive to energy!

November 15th, 2011

Do you know anyone who has a food intolerance? who has to avoid dairy or wheat? These are every day problems which newspapers and magazines have written about over the last ten to fifteen years. But what about energy? Is it possible to be over sensitive to energy?  Well, yes it is possible and there is something you can do about it. First of all, how do you know if you are too sensitive to energy? Well, all of us are sensitive to energy –


The Major Chakras

August 31st, 2011

The 7 major chakras are positioned along a central column of  energy that aligns with the spine. This column runs up from  between your legs and out of the top of your head. This has  various names:  the Sushumna; it is also known as the Hara Line.  The function of this column is to move energy up and down the  central column of the body so that it can be absorbed by different  parts of the body.   Each chakra aligns with a specific frequency


Development of the Chakras

August 31st, 2011

Your energy field develops in two ways: firstly, as you grow from a child into a teenager and then adulthood. During this period of physical, emotional and psychological growth, the energy system evolves and develops. For example, when a baby is born their energy system is focused mainly in the base chakra. This is because their primary focus is being secure, looked after and provided for in the physical world (all of which are characteristics that we associate with the base chakra). Secondly – and


Hearts & Minds #2

August 25th, 2011

Reiki & Personal Development There are many ways in which human beings can develop and learn about themselves. Some are drawn to physical activities and use yoga or athletics to explore their internal and external potential; others improve their mind by acquiring knowledge or learning new skills; whilst some prefer to take it easy and let life unfold at its own pace. For some reason, my nature demands that things happen quickly for me and there has always been an incessant drive to keep moving and


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